We use an Autocad based software package for the production of Steel Fabrication drawings and all of our drawings and 3D Models can be freely opened by any Autocad compatible program. We produce all drawings and details in PDF for clients and can provide any or all dwgs in cad format as well.

We produce the following types of dwgs for projects where required.

  • 3D Iso view dwgs of the model with and without purlins and girts for clarity

  • Holddown Marking Plans for the setout of holdown bolts or chemsets etc

  • Holddown Patterns Details the type, dimensions and qties of holddown or bolts or chemsets required.

  • Steel and Purlin Marking Plans Marking Plans identifying member marks for locating and erecting steel

  • Elevations and sections where required Elevations and Section Views identifying member marks for locating and erecting steel

  • Steel Member dwgs and assemblies The details of all members or assemblies such as trusses or stairs etc

  • Purlin and Girt dwgs and Bridging Sheets Detail sheets for teh ordering of Purlins and Bridging from suppliers

  • Fitting dwgs and associated DXF or NC files for automated cutting of the plates The details of fittings to be used in the Fabrication with dimensions, hole sizes etc along with DXF or NC Files for automated cutting

  • Steel Shaft dwgs if required plus NC files for beam line machines The details of all member shafts used in the assembly along with NC files for automated beamlining of the shafts